Sunday, April 22, 2012


Friday, we went to a carnival at Hospers Elementary. After enjoying some pizza/hot dogs/nachos/tacos in a bag, we braved the crowds and lined up for some games. He played bowling, football toss, fishing game, duck pond, golf, and bean bag toss. We took a pass on the balloon darts.  He won various Oriental-Trading type prizes which he was thrilled with! It was a fun event and he still talks a lot about the "car-ni-bal"

On Saturday, Adam spent all day working in the backyard on "the giant square" which involved removing 5 pickup-loads of sod and dirt, then building a border out of timbers. It will eventually house a swingset which is sorted in stacks in our garage, making the whole thing reek of cedar. It even makes Nika sneeze! My parents came over for pizza that night and my dad helped pound in the re-rod.

Sunday Ryan was a little shy going into nursery, but came out saying, "Mommy, I had FUN today." He loves singing songs in nursery and I have a feeling he's the one sing-shouting out-of-tune but with great enthusiasm!  Sunday night Adam's parents joined us for supper and Ryan had Grandpa laughing so hard during their "tackle pillow fight".

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