Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Dog Whisperer

This afternoon, after a family walk, Ryan decided he wanted to lay down in his bed. He'd already taken a short nap, but I complied and was sitting in the chair next to his bed reading. Nika came in the room and was whining, as per usual, and I was tuning her out. After a while, though, Ryan lifted his head and we had the following whispered exchanged:

Ryan: "Mommy, water!
Me: "Do you want a drink of water?"
Ryan: "No, mommy, Nika wants water."
Me: "What?"
Ryan (signing "more"): "Nika wants more water."
Then he laid his head back down.

I went to the kitchen, and sure enough, Nika's water bowl was empty and as soon as I filled it, she greedily lapped it up.

Future career as a dog whisperer?

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