Monday, January 9, 2012


Have you ever wondered if you could say something in 200+ words instead of just 2? Hire a Patent Attorney.

A technique for molding pieces of popcorn candy having different geometric shapes that are interfittable, making it possible for the user to integrate the pieces in any desired manner to create art objects that are both displayable and edible and have a flavor predetermined by the user. The technique is carried out by means of a corn popper which converts kernels of corn into a batch of popcorn and a family of molds having different geometric shapes. A bonding agent is prepared by boiling a blend including sugar and syrup to create a molten cream and then adding flavoring thereto. A portion of the molten cream is intermingled with the batch of popcorn and the resultant flowable mix is used to fill the molds. After cooling and hardening, the shaped pieces of popcorn candy are then removed from the mold and interfitted as desired, using the same molten cream to integrate the pieces to form an edible art object. ...or it's a POPCORN BALL.

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