Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Word

My niece, Emily, is famous for making up new words which, when analyzed, actually make a lot of sense. Ryan has inherited this "wordsmith" gene as well. When he went ahead of me out to the van the other day, he would not go down the stairs and yelled back "No, mommy! You carry me!" When I asked why he couldn't walk down the stairs he said,

"Mommy, it's too wuggy!"
 [top view]
 [side view]
ruggy: (pronounced "ruh-gee" or, alternatively for two-year olds, "wug-gee") [adj.]  the condition or state of a stairstep that has an overhanging floor rug on the top step so as to prevent safe stepping on lower step. Ryan could not walk down the steps because they were too ruggy.

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