Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quick Convo & Chocolate Chip Cookies

Adam : "I really like laying my clothes out the night before. Then I can go downstairs in the morning, take a shower, get dressed, and when I come up, my coffee [prepared the night before] is all ready. I always tell my students to get their stuff together the night before...just practicing what I preach."

Me [who has been hanging my clothes in my bathroom the night before ever since we moved to our new house]: "I know, me too. I never thought I'd be the type of person who lays their clothes out the night before. It always seemed to be one small step away from the type of person who eats 8 almonds as an afternoon snack. Look at us...we're this close to becoming a bunch of almond eaters."

Adam: "Are you going to blog that?"

Me: "Probably."

Sorry folks. We've been a little less than blog-worthy lately. I blame it partly on some long work days/nights that leave my eyes screaming for less screen time, and partly on the most exciting parts of the night being seeing if the Gator Boys caught that fence-climbing alligator so the guy's pet pig was safe in his own Florida backyard.

I just spent about 2 hours browsing the internet in search of inspiration to accomplish 2 goals.

1. Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies
2. Get some sort of crock pot meal ready for tomorrow

What do I have to show for this?
1. Three chocolate chip cookies. (Adam and I ate the other four I baked) The rest of the dough will have to just chill.out. until I have time to bake more. I also have a counter full of dishes that need to be washed sometime before Jimmy Fallon is over.
2. An idea to just bake some garlic chicken tomorrow after I get home and make some wild rice from the box. I KNOW I will regret this when Ryan is yelling, "Mommy! I need go potty now! No, I don't need to go! I need go potty! No, I don't want to go!" throughout the cooking process tomorrow. But I'm fed.up. trying to find a recipe that I have all the ingredients for and that won't be dried out after 10 hours in the Crock Pot.

Two chocolate chip cookies

Screw the almonds.


Vander Maten said...

I ALWAYS have my clothes out the night before but the last two weeks I had the whole weeks worth laid out on Sunday, but baby steps for you guys.

PS: I will NEVER be an almond-eater snacker.

Life of the Lorenzens said...

LOL! I usually try to lay clothes out too because it beats fumbling around in the dark with a little LED nightlight trying to pick out something to wear before stumbling to the shower in the morning. I don't think Austin would let me lay out a whole week's worth. ;o)

Also, I had the same thoughts about almond eating until a friend introduced me to the dark chocolate flavored Cocoa Roast almonds from Blue Diamond. Sadly, I think they discontinued the Butter Toffee flavor. That was the best. I eat them when I'm craving a little protein and not just sugar. And I eat way more than 8. ;o)

Courtney--have you tried Kim Huitink's "Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies" recipe in the new ARC cookbook? That's my go-to recipe and can easily be cut in half. Although, I did repin the recipe Nikki Boote pinned awhile ago to maybe try. And I got a FB message out of the blue just tonight from my Denver friend Candace that said she used olive oil instead of vegetable oil in her recipe b/c she didn't have anything else and they stayed moister longer.

And about crockpots: Everybody raves about cooking in a crockpot. I'm trying new recipes thanks to Pinterest. However, I have no idea how people do it who work normal hours and don't come home for lunch. I don't start mine until late morning or early afternoon. I had the same problem as you when I was working at FRA. I finally gave up b/c there wasn't anything that could survive 10 hours in my new "hot" crockpot!