Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sledding Hill

After a significant snowfall on Thursday night, we had a blustery Friday and Saturday. On Friday we went to the basketball game for a while and Ryan loved seeing Uncle Wade, Aunt Abbie, and Saylor again.  On Saturday, we stayed home all day, cleaning, taking naps, and cooking, then had several friends over for chili, cinnamon rolls, and games at night.

By Sunday, it had finally warmed up enough to go play outside, so after his nap, Ryan was eager to bundle up and get outside. First, we tried out the slight slope in the backyard on the sled. He did NOT want Daddy to pull him. I wonder why.

Next it was my turn to pull him, but I didn't fare any better trying to keep him on the sled. I'm pretty thankful this didn't result in a broken arm.

Then, we got a little braver and started from the hill created by the city clearing the short road that ends behind our house. It took a few tries before we got it right.

Here was one of best runs:

After a little snowball fight (Nika lost), we came in for some cocoa and marshmallows.

One quick story from today. After eating our popcorn during the football game, Adam asked Ryan to bring his empty bowl to the kitchen counter. Ryan turned around and said, "Mommy, you all done, too?" and then took my bowl, added it to the stack and brought it to the kitchen! Then he ran back and said, "Mommy, you all done with your cup?" and wanted to put that away, too! What a big helper!

We had a great weekend and enjoy so much the time we get to spend together!

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